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ALEX (28)

“Extremely knowledgeable practitioner, who shows an actual care for his patients wellbeing. Left feeling a lot less tight, and showed increased mobility in my hip after the first treatment. He also offered very helpful after-care advice to keep me moving correctly between treatments."


"After just a couple sessions with Brendon, I had a noticeable difference in my movement, less stiffness, and decrease in pain and discomfort. He really takes the time to get to know his patients, and genuinely shows deep concern for your overall health and wellbeing. He spends time getting to know you, your health history, and what your goals are. He clearly puts 100% into his work, and always has such in incredible approach to the treatment. I feel incredibly comfortable with him, and will continue to see him!"

LORNA (56)

"Brendon has treated me a few times. When I see Brendon, I usually have a few issues that he needs to address: a migraine, neck and low back pain. Before the end of my treatment, he has gotten rid of my migraine. While laying on the treatment table, I have felt the migraine leave my head. To me it is totally amazing that an osteopathic treatment can do this  - no drugs, no darkened room and the migraine is gone!! My neck and low back pain are greatly reduced after the treatment. Brendon is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring. I would recommend Brendon in a heart beat."


"Knowledgeable, friendly, and all about the customer experience is just a few of the things you can expect with BT Osteopathy."


"Post treatment I feel spoiled with how much movement and range of motion I have. Overall, I feel like I have better control over my fine motor skills, less aches and spasms, and feel far more symmetrical. The treatment itself was painless. I felt a bit of tenderness on the back of my neck post treatment, however Brendon was clear that there may be a possibility of this occurring. Couldn’t be happier with my treatments so far!"

KASEY (27)

Brendon is truly the best! He is so knowledgeable about the body, and really takes his time to explain things. He genuinely listens to your concerns and is so helpful. When nothing else was helping my jaw, Brendon was able to finally provide some relief to it. He’s also great at providing new insight to what might be going on in your body that no other health practioner has mentioned before. I highly recommend Brendon to everyone!


Started seeing Brendon on my trainer’s recommendation and even after the first treatment, I had so much less tension, more mobility and feel taller. He also clearly explains what osteopathy is and why it’s so crucial for health, structure, sleep, and nervous system and organ function. I and several of my friends now see him regularly with consistent improvement and results.

MISHA (32)

I've seen Brendon a few times to address posture, breathing issues, and relaxation. Our session was great and I left understanding that I lack a lot of awareness of my body and really needed to gain that awareness in order to reach my goals. Specifically, Brendon noticed that he could lead me through flexation of my upper back but that I couldn't do that on my own. Similarly, I could take deep breaths while laying down, but couldn't take the same deep breaths sitting or standing, which was affecting my ability to relax. After our sessions, I was able to apply what he had shown me and what I had learned about myself. We discussed the importance of breath work and focus on mechanics during breath work. As a result of this, I can take deep breaths sitting and standing (which automatically improved my posture and well-being). Although I have struggled with shallow breathing for years, Brendon was the first person to realize that a "deep breath" for me was NOT a deep breath. Moreover, he was the first person who showed me that despite my apparent "inability" to take a deep breath, my body knew how to... I just had to really retrain myself in order to automatically get there. I know this may seem small to others but I can't stress how much of a difference it has made in my life: physically and mentally!


I came to Brendan seeking treatment for my bad neck, which he was able to help fix. He is knowledgeable and kind, and explained what was causing my neck pain in the first place and how to prevent it from becoming a problem again. 10/10!

TARA (28)

So happy I found Brendan! As a 9-5 desk worker, I started implementing some of the recommendations provided and I have noticed great improvement in my leg circulation. Thank you so much!! Keep up the great work.

DESI (30)

Brendan was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure as he went along. He was able to work on my jaw reducing the clicking sound and pain in the joint. His treatment always made me feel better and able to have more flexibility and mobility.

ANNA (30)

Saw Brendan for tension headaches I was getting on a daily basis. Have tried just about everything from massages, chiropractor, stretching and more. He is extremely patient, knowledgeable and explains things in laymans terms.
His treatment helped me understand the reasoning for my headaches and the treatment helped in a way that other specialists could not help. I have gone on to refer him to others.


I have never been one to go for treatment until I came across Brendon. I followed his instagram for quite some time and decided I would make an appointment. Booking was smooth and he was able to schedule me in for the following week. I really enjoyed my session as he made me feel very comfortable, he explained what he was doing and why, and more importantly, he has improved my overall body pain tremendously. I am very grateful I found him. I highly recommend!

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